About Clain

Clain is a start-up company involved in design and development of the platform for enhanced AML/KYC solutions in decentralized networks. We believe cryptocurrencies will play a huge role in the future, and we care deeply about helping to improve transparency and endorse further adoption of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of value exchange. By creating the most innovative and powerful platform, we strive to become the industry standard in crypto-compliance solutions.

Our platform gives unparalleled understanding of cryptocurrency capital flows. By using a combination of network science and machine learning to aggregate and interpret vast quantities of transactional data, we provide investigative services to participants of cryptocurrency ecosystem and provide meaningful insight on the network internals. We accumulate unique data on the thousands of services and millions of entities that make hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.

Job Description

This is an opportunity to join a new and dynamic industry for the highly energetic, curious and enthusiastic candidates who thrive in a proactive, supportive and high-paced environment.

  • You will be responsible for evangelizing Clain’s products and propositions in the marketplace and position Clain against competitors.
  • Establish key customer relationships with the support of the customer contact strategy.
  • You will speak to both technical and non-technical stakeholders while determining client requirements and driving the sales process forward.
  • Maintain a holistic and technical understanding of all Clain’s products and how they enable our clients to mitigate regulatory, AML and KYC risks.
  • Become expert in Clains’ AML compliance and investigation solutions across all customer types.


To be successful in this role, you will meet the following requirements:

  • Good working knowledge of cryptocurrencies and/or financial crime.
  • Ability to creatively explain and present complex concepts in an easy to understand manner.
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Have excellent public speaking skills.
  • Have 5+ year experience in the similar job.
  • Understanding key SaaS performance metrics (CaC, LTV, conversion metrics, cohort analyses, forecasting, etc).
  • Bachelor’s degree in PR or Marketing.

Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills:

  • Communicating clearly, both in writing and verbally, in order to build trust and cultivate relationships with clients.
  • Prioritizing and planning work activities as to use time effectively while managing a high volume, diverse workload.
  • Proactive and collaborative: you will know the most about your domain so it is up to you to push the boundaries of what is possible, but we work as a team to set the direction and evaluate its potential.
  • Flexible and experimental: we are a rapidly growing start-up in a rapidly evolving industry; this means we iterate quickly and change direction if needed, just as you do.


  • Fluency in English is essential

Contact: info (at) clain (dot)