About Clain

Clain is a start-up company involved in design and development of the platform for enhanced AML/KYC solutions in decentralized networks. We believe cryptocurrencies will play a huge role in the future, and we care deeply about helping to improve transparency and endorse further adoption of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of value exchange. By creating the most innovative and powerful platform, we strive to become the industry standard in crypto-compliance solutions.

Our platform gives unparalleled understanding of cryptocurrency capital flows. By using a combination of network science and machine learning to aggregate and interpret vast quantities of transactional data, we provide investigative services to participants of cryptocurrency ecosystem and provide meaningful insight on the network internals. We accumulate unique data on the thousands of services and millions of entities that make hundreds of thousands of transactions a day.

Job Description

This is an opportunity to join a new and dynamic industry for C++ mature candidates who thrive in a proactive, supportive and high-paced environment.

  • You will become part of the team responsible for developing a backbone technology of our compliance solution platform.
  • You will be involved in architecting a tree-like data structure with memory separate access and management.
  • You will implement JSON API for CRUD operations to work asynchronously with isolated data structures during application updates ( 100Gb + ).
  • You will closely collaborate with data scientists and implement new heuristics.


  • Have 3+ year experience holding positions as senior/lead developer/architect.
  • Have a professional knowledge of C++.
  • Have a deep understanding of algorithms.
  • Know how to optimise data storage in memory and work with big data on Linux.
  • Have an experience of mult-thread application development.
  • Have a good knowledge of base templates of Object-Oriented programming and have sufficient experience in applying those to real-life projects.
  • Ability to write a well-structured, good-quality code.
  • Have knowledge of Git.
  • Have English skills to read technical documentation.
  • Possess Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar.

Contact: info (at) clain (dot) io